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Frequently Asked Questions

island mini mix concrete truck
  • Do you mix on site?

    No, we supply quality ready mix concrete from a local plant.

  • How do you measure a cubic meter?

    Length x width x thickness

    (e.g. 2 ft x 3 ft x 5 in = .0926 cubic yards = .0708 cubic metres.)

  • What size is the truck?

    The truck can carry 1.4 cubic metres.

  • How long do I have to unload the truck before waiting time starts?

    30 minutes, and then a charge of $2.50 per minute will apply.

  • What is the standard grade of concrete that you supply?

    20mm gravel with a 25 MPa minimum strength to a maximum strength of 32 MPa.

    Other strengths upon request and additional fees apply.

  • How far in advance would I need to make a booking?

    When you have your forms in place, call us. We are usually booking 3 days out.

  • Do we service the Victoria area?


  • Do we supply Gulf Islands?

    Dependent on availability. Additional fees will apply.

Still have questions?

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