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At this time we are serving mid-island only, Ladysmith to Campbell River. We no longer service Victoria.


We deliver small batches of concrete in trucks 1/3 the size of the big ready mix trucks. Our trucks carry anywhere from 0.2 (two-tenths) to 1.4 cubic metres of concrete, and their much smaller size allows us to access and maneuver in much tighter areas and places much less weight on curbs, sidewalks, driveways and landscaping. We make it easy to get the right amount of ready mix concrete delivered, to the right place, at the right time. 

"From our door to your pour, Island Mini Mix Concrete has you covered!"


  • DIY homeowners and renovators
  • Home Builders and Contractors
  • Fence and entry gate builders
  • Landscape contractors
  • Public Works / Parks and Recreation
  • School Districts Maintenance’


  • Fence posts and entry gate columns
  • Sun deck footings
  • Slabs for entries, stairs, air conditioners, heat pumps, ventilation systems, garbage cans, hot tubs, sheds and workshops


  • Repairs to curbs
  • Repairs to sidewalks
  • Manholes
  • Park bench slabs
  • Swing sets and playgrounds

How Much is 0.2 Cubic Metres?

Doesn’t sound like much right? But it is 7 cubic feet and weighs 1100 pounds.  That is twenty, 55 pound bags at the building supply store, off the shelf, into the truck, off at the site, into the wheelbarrow, hand mix with a shovel, and into the fence post, plus clean up and 20 big, dirty, empty bags to take to the dump. Plus you need to buy extra bags, because you cannot afford to be short. Then return the extra bags. 
0.4 cubic metres is 2200 pounds – forty plus, 55 pound bags, etc.

"Do the math. We will save you all that time and trouble and back breaking work, and in most cases, be there today."

Island Mini Mix Concrete prides itself for on-time delivery of top quality concrete, and our professional drivers provide helpful, courteous service that makes any concrete pour easy and efficient. We look forward to serving all your Small Batch concrete delivery needs.

Check out this tight turning radius!

Our Mission Statement:

Putting Hand Mixing Out of Business, One Pour at a Time

Top-notch maintenance helps us get to your site on time.

Our mini trucks can access some very difficult job sites!

Don't be fooled by the competition.
Insist on genuine Island Mini Mix Concrete.